My Side Projects Including software apps and etc

I am now a software engineer. I do software and hangout at the same time XD.I am currently a SDET at My company is very cool and I really love working here so far. I will put some of my projects here......

I wanted to but I did not do much and they are all copyrighted....Damn it

Dual Server Video Streaming

A statistic measurement of video stream

This is a web app that measures multi server video streaming.Basically it is a proof concept of dual server video transferring. Also, please view Drexel ECE Old Projects to view other projects in ECE Department, Drexel University

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Server Load Testing UI Tool

Testing servers pressure pointing to EC2

This is a project I developed in some company. This is a wrapped up tool for public EC2s testing. The logic is to sending a push thread from client UI to the server and analyze the server's health. Then organized into an UI format. I am super apologize that I cannot link the code becasue it is copyrighted by Amazon and is confidential.

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Latency Measurement Tool

A tool measuring ping latency

This is a tool I developed in a company as well. This is a ping tool that keep pinging some server to get the latest update of the latency. This is running to check if the server stays in good health. As mentioned, I could not release any code or any project structures since Comcast holds the copyrights. But I will release a screenshot of the project just to give you an general Idea

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A Solar Energy Project

An energy converter stuff

I have no idea of what I did. It was just one of the school project and it does not related to my background. I will post it and you can use it if you want to

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