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A hack to peoples info

2014-04-27 18:28:48

There are different ways to stalk peoples information. Some people doing it with Facebook, steal peoples password and etc. I am now introducing one of the funny method.LOL. (Please inform me if you think this is illegal)

"Robot" is a good way to track, at least to get peoples info through their web host. I found this because I was able to track some network robot that trying to get my crawb by embedding their tree map under my host and track all the link under the map to get your data. However, I was smart enough to protect it by setting network blocker.LOL.

In this case, I organized the "robot" theory that you can simply insert your customized "robot" config file into anyones web host by someway. And then, the network will start sending http request through GET and uploaded into your own cloud. You can see all the tree maps and data through the cloud.

Sometimes it is not good to be a stalker. It really depends on who you are stalking, how technique yo are and how much u love the person....sign......

A Special Plate

2014-04-27 17:32:38

I just moved to Cali and it is awesome here. This part is under construction as well. I am in the QA team. My boss and team members are very helpful!!! And I got a Cali license and a special plate 'JamesNB' pronounce as 'James New Bee' in Mandarin, which means 'James Kicks Ass'. Hahaha