My music

I am not a composer or anything like professional. I love pop songs so
I wrote some pieces that goes with acoustic guitar before sophomore
year of college. Then I just became a couch potato after

Lovely Her

Well, it has been four years since I wrote my last song. This morning I was dreaming of a Chinese talk show performer and his
typical classical Chinese Opera came to my mind. And I decided to make it into a song. The song called "Lovely Her", it is
one young couple send off each other at the train station/airport. And they do not want to leave the other person.
But they broke up becasue of all unnesseray reasons. But they still love eath other and no matter what has happened. This is a fantastic
menmory. This love is fresh, pure and true

If the Day will Come

I wrote this song in 2008, the song was written in Chinese. I originally wrote it for a friend. Basically the guy wanted to chase a girl but found out that she got boyfriend already. With the sadness in his mind, he was dreaming of if someday he could holding the girls hands. I wrote the song for him and taught him how to play the rhythm chords on guitar. I said "Hey, sing for her and get"
Ping me if you need the chords or the lyrics XD
(Followup of the story: he sang it to the girl. Unfortunately, he didn't get her. But I have the copyrights for the song. :))

Single Days

To everybody, losing someone you really love is such a pain and it does take some time to recover. It happens to everybody and happened to me as well in mid-2010.
I came up this song from scratch. Every single notes. I was depressed and lost hope for the entire summer. I got a friend singing with me. So half of the lyrics belongs to me. And those were my true feelings. However, I realized that nothing can beat me and life is in winter if you feel it is winter. However, life is awesome if you feel it's awesome. And I did have an awesome life after that. Good memories but I think it is a nice piece of work for me. Too much talk, please enjoy it.