James Zhao

Graduated from Drexel University of Computer Engineering(BS/MS)


Richmond, CA 94804
Who is James Zhao?
Hi guys, I am James Zhao. Long time since I updated my personal website in Drexel since 2010.lol I am a bad designer and UI
person as proved by my collages in my office that broke my heart.lolThings work well. Right I graduated with both master and bachelor.
I am a full time software developer in downtown San Francisco and work for an awesome company named Tokbox. It is an video API company and
I do work, each bananas and hangout here.lol

Well, I put some of my stuff here. However, since I am not a good designer or UX person, I only have "useful" stuff, not
"colorful"(I know its ugly). :) but I have some session that I still under development 'casue I dont build website often what they will be.
Hopefully you guys can enjoy it.

Again, hit me up by email if projects/fun geek stuff/high tech shit.lol