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James Zhao A Brief Introduction
Hi guys, I am James Zhao. Long time since I updated my personal website in Drexel since I am a bad designer and UI person as proved by my collages in my office that broke my Things work well. Right I graduated with both master and bachelor. I am a full time software developer in downtown San Francisco and work for a fast growing Video WebRTC company called more

Experiences Professional Expertise
I am an QA Engineer now. However, I am still a full stack developer. I do Java, Python, Ruby, bash...I can do both frontend(not really for styling.LOL) and backend database stuff. I have more experience in front end data transfer and modification for client side.I was playing around mySQL and SQL server. Now I finally got some database working and the website is up for now. I will some serous update from now.
Ok...Please find me at my GitHub more

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How to Contact Feeel free to ping me use any usual means,
Also, you can submit a feedback for any suggestion
(not functioning for now) and I will get back to you ASAP......
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